For Brenda, For Constance, For Andie

I have recently been working on a project based around wrist corsages and the american prom. Here is the outcome and the artist statement:

(top to bottom) For Constance, For Andie, For Brenda
paper, beads, fabric, transfers, latex, acrylic

In her book Prom Night: Youth, Schools & Popular Culture, Amy Best declares that ‘The prom is a deeply conformist space…’and perhaps this is part of its appeal. The prom is melting pot of social expectation, ritual and sexuality and it offers up the choice of whether to fight the stereotypes or embrace them. In response to my research I wanted to make works that offered a statement about the American prom. I also hoped to employ materials that were not actually living, but still possessed the delicacy and fragility of natural flowers.

I have made three corsages for three of the people studied in my research. Two are fictional and one is a semi-imagined version of a real person. One is for Brenda Walshe (Beverley Hills 90210), one for Andie Walsh (Pretty in Pink) and one is for Constance McMillen. Each corsage is encoded with a message using the Victorian Language of Flowers sensibility. it possible to become too obsessed with american teen culture? I blame it on being born in the 80's. Who's with me?